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A letter to the government of the united states

Reply to: comm-110485166@craigslist.orgDate: 2005-11-11, 9:22AM MSTA letter to the government of the united states.

Is we is? Or is we ain÷Ö your babies? To the United States Government, I÷Ï a Black Male representing half a million angry and disenfranchised Blacks. I÷Ï writing this letter for the purpose of determining what is the Governments stance regarding the welfare of its children, Black citizens! And will America knowingly stand by or step in to revive Black America from its current state of emergency. It is through my experience and belief that Blacks Americans are not equal citizens and are an expendable race to the government. Since Blacks have populated the North American continent, my people have done nothing but work to become equal citizens. Since the time we were being worked to death on the many plantations of the South to the days we were being brutally beaten in our quest to eat and piss with other Americans our ultimate goal was to become American citizens. So I write this letter to address the hypocrisy that we taste daily. Regularly we see America assist and save other peoples and countries who have been enemies of the state, and still Blacks get denied basic rights guaranteed through the constitution. So I must ask are we citizens with full and equal rights afforded to Americans of European, Asian, and South American decent? Or are we just niggers to be enslaved, held and forced to provide inhumane labor. Daily occurrences and the knowledge of my history gives me a clear impression that America doesn÷Ö view Blacks as citizens deserving equal rights. Which is a bitter pill to swallow given America÷Õ strong opposition of other oppressed peoples globally. My country has come to the rescue of many people globally to ensure the safety of oppressed people using every weapon ranging from economic sanctions to the declaration of war on nations that violate basic human rights. Which doesn÷Ö explain the treatment us Black citizens have grown accustomed to. It÷Õ a smack in the face and I÷Ï writing this letter to address it and to demand an immediate change in treatment. Thousands of Blacks have sacrificed life and limb protecting the freedom of foreign lands and protecting the rights of this democracy, and for that they deserve better for their race. What is the government÷Õ stance on Black America? And knowing what Black Americans have done for America, if the Government can honestly feel that Blacks are equal citizens then we demand to see an immediate change in view/ treatment. This is a question we as productive citizens of the United States deserve an immediate answer to. Anyone who knows the laws in my country understands that America has stiff penalties for fathers who abandoned their children. Many countries have felt the brute force of the U.S.A. when it comes to treating its citizens less than human. Adolph Hitler was hated by the world for trying to create a perfect race. Yet America has come the closest nation to creating one! Why doesn÷Ö the democracy take responsibility for doing the same thing to Africans! It÷Õ through slavery that you created a child, a child with no Mother no Father no home neither culture nor language! Blacks were forced to mate, forced to give up their children, forced to give up their language, and forced to submit to America÷Õ needs. We were created from Americas need for labor and our collective will to survive. We constructed a culture from the crumbs off of masters table. The same culture that is packaged and celebrated by the masses and corporate America. I know and understand that I speak to government representatives not directly responsible for our upbringing but as the true children of your democracy, I must ask why does father treat us worst than enemies? When America was but an infant who did the nation depend on to help it grow. Blacks! The blood, sweat and tears of Black slaves. When America was being oppressed by its own Mother country who helped fight for European÷Õ in North America÷Õ freedom?Blacks! And as soon as the treaty was signed we were sent right back to the killing fields to pick the fruits of freedom while Europeans rejoiced eating what you call the American pie. When America has fought to protect the world, who has been there to secure the globe. Blacks soldiers! Young Blacks sacrificing their lives to protect a freedom that didn÷Ö even pertain to them. Who represents your country in the world÷Õ arenas and sport fields? Black athletes. When you need people to test out drugs on and experiment your secret operations on who have you used? Black citizens. All these things we have done voluntary and involuntary going through hell to prove that we are equal citizens, and to reach the ultimate goal of being accepted as an American citizen. Throughout our blood stained history in America my people have been lynched, raped, bombed, and exterminated and what has Black America continued to do? Fight!!! Fight to be and accepted equal productive citizens of the United States of America. Its 2005 and the majority of my people are not enjoying the slice of pie that is the flavor of the American dream. Instead we fight for the crumbs that fall from the table that is U.S. citizenship. Black males make up such a small portion of the population but equal the majority of the incarcerated. Across the nation Blacks are finding disparities in pay wages and opportunities for gaining employment. A recent study done in New York proved that white males with a prison record get hired faster than Blacks with no record. Black and Latino youth in New York are also being tested on for aids research. All this is going on in New York, one of, if not the most diverse city in America and the world. So if these practices of racism are happening in New York imagine what Blacks experience in the less diverse cities and towns of the United States. Racial profiling, hate crimes, unequal pay scales for the same labor, higher housing costs, inferior education and healthcare are all walls blocking or route to the American dream. In 2007 we may even lose our right to vote, ensuring that we are not citizens of the US. Is there any other race facing all of these factors and yet still represent the nation with such pride and courage? The only time we get equal or more than equal treatment is for negative things. How can we be equal when we know Jim Crow, Plessey Ferguson Willie lynch Brown Board? Nationwide the police verbally, physically, mentally abuse us in a way that makes us have no trust for them. Why do they beat and kill us with no apparent remorse more than any other race. They murdered a 15-year-old disable Black male in Denver CO, with no regards for him or his family and called it justifiable force. But yet in the same city Blacks have witnessed grown white men fight with police and not get the same justice fit for a mentally disabled Black teen. Which brings about the second reason for this letter. Reparations, an important issue that the U.S. Government has delayed and avoided handling for more than 100 years. As a representative of many Blacks in America I ask to meet with the president to implement immediate reparations programs. We are no longer interested in speaking with congressional committees that do nothing but waste time, and are not worried about the welfare of Black America. American has prided its judicial system on protecting the rights of victims. A right Black Americans don÷Ö seem to share as victims of the United States. Why must Black America go through the pain and suffering we have just to become equal citizens who÷Øe been victimized continually without retribution? The decimation of the Japanese in World War II led to a United States led rebuilding of the empire of the sun. The U.S. government immediately provided restitution for using the atomic bomb, and Japan had attacked and killed Americans. Why must Black Americans who suffered fromthe most destructive weapon knowto man, being mind control, and has defended and fought for America in every war since it became a union have to even ask for retribution? Japanese Americans imprisoned in camps during World War II has since received reparations. Native Americans have received a form of reparations. Which proves that America is willing to atone for its sins when it comes to all other races. And yet congress had to debate on whether America should apologize for slavery? This shows Blacks and the world that this government doesn÷Ö mind building up its enemies while ignoring its own children, Black citizens. Currently the government is spending billions to feed and clothe countries that harbor terrorists, and yet you deny your own children retribution for the ill treatment you caused and allowed to happen. In the past America has admittedly opposed the Germans, Chinese, Iraqis, among many other nations when it comes to the treatment of oppressed groups of people, and yet you continue to allow your most trusted children suffer. And the true smack in the face is when a Jew, Chinese woman or Iraqi citizen comes to America and asks us Blacks why do they treat you this way in America. I have spoken to foreigners from Africa, Asia, and Europe that were shocked to see how Blacks are treated in America. What does that say to you? More importantly how do you think that makes us feel? What other race in America has hung from the trees of the south and still gave more blood to become a citizen? What other race in America has slaved in the fields from sun up to sun down with the dream of becoming a citizen? What other race has been attacked by dogs, hosed down, and beaten with the sole purpose of becoming a citizen? What other race in America has been raped and murdered time and time again only wanting to live life as a true American? Furthermore what race of people on the earth do you know that would still have wanted to become American citizens after such atrocities? What race of people would have thrown such a peaceful revolution in the face of so much hatred and inhumanity? And yet Black Americans are still here! Your children, a seed created out of the conquest of the globe, still seeking the acceptance and love all children seek from their parents. So Father we ask for the support a child deserves. We have been nothing but a patient child succumbing to your every want and need; waiting for the day we could feel your true love. During our time in your home we have learned many things about liberty and justice. And the current Black generation has also learned from the past and present about Americas no tolerance policy of human injustice anywhere in the world. And it÷Õ through those lessons that we have begun to lose patience and become jealous of other peoples globally. Peoples that you consider expendable, peoples that you consider enemies of the state. Peoples that you consider undesirables or terrorists. The new generation doesn÷Ö understand putting our needs as a race on hold to protect Afghanistan or Iraq. We don÷Ö understand the educational tools sent to build up those countries when our education is anemic and lacking. We don÷Ö understand and no longer have patience for the compassion America shows its citizens and people globally and yet disrespect us at every turn in the road for equal treatment. We have experienced so much pain and death in our quest to become citizens that many Blacks I spoke to about this letter feel fear that the government will jail or kill them for speaking up. And so with great caution and reserve I÷Øe chosen to speak up. I speak with fear in my heart of what may happen, but also with bravery and anger because what I speak is the truth. And it÷Õ the reality of what I speak that gives me the courage to know that this is worth losing my life if that÷Õ what it takes to make a change in the treatment of Blacks in America! Please respond as soon as the president can meet.
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Blogger Concerned Patriot said...

Okay. I don't understand what your bottom line is here. I don't understand what it is you hope to accomplish with this letter. Is there anyway you can repost it and break it down for me a little more? Please. Seriously ... break it down so that even the youngest child could understand what your trying to say. Thanks.

4:35 AM  
Blogger Concerned Patriot said...

Alright ... Alright ... i think I got it now. You're broke and need some money right??? I mean .. what the hell kind of retribution are you looking for? Do you want Bill Gates to donate Microsoft to you because he's white and don't deserve to be rich as much as you might? What the hell are you saying? Seriously ... I don't understand what the hell you're asking for.

4:38 AM  
Blogger Concerned Patriot said...

Matter of fact, can I use your crazy ass letter and post it on my site? I know some people that would get a "kick" out of your letter. Let me know partner.

4:39 AM  

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