Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Love is a Basket

Hey guys!!!! Here's a new poem I wrote, check it out and give me some feed back so I can on the get back:

Love is a Basket

Love, you are a basket
what shape do you take?
Are you what you hold;
is your shape as soft as a baby's

Where is your darkness from,
when you're empty and alone
in an alley next to the gutter and
rent is two months over due or
does your darkness come from
the glove box of your repossesed

Who doth weave you love?
Is it hands from heaven, white and
light in touch or do you come from
a stronger source, that bitch perhaps
who stole my sega genesis in seventh
grade? Maybe you take the shape of that
asshole George Klinkner when he walked
into my house and told my mom I said
he could use my baseball glove but instead
took my Tony Gwynn rookie card . . .

Has the basket held wine?
Or is that the smell of unrequited love?
Are you my wine love?

N.B. I can't really workout that last stanza but I think I'm going to start sending this out, maybe to Harper's or the New Yorker I don't know yet I don't have an agent. Thanks for reading!!!!xoxoxox



you are the loveliest maniac I know. always make me laugh. even more than dudley moores does. in fact, dudley moore does not make me laugh, contrary to popular belief. he is a clown. he makes me cry.

11:41 AM  

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