Friday, November 25, 2005

Junk Mail

Here is one of hundreds of emails I have received since I have had my yahoo account:

FROM: MR. JOSEPH SITHOLE.NO: 13 MELROSE STR,CRAWFORD CLOSE.JHB,SOUTHAFRICA.MOBILE LINE: + 27-73-403-5233.CONTACT MANAGING DIRECTOR,GREETINGS ,Complements of the season, how are you doing? I believe that destiny is an act of God which can only be delayed, but not changed, this business opportunity to you. I am MR JOSEPH SITHOLE. The first son of DR.ROBERT SITHOLE, who was recently murdered in the land dispute in Zimbabwe. The agents of the ruling government of President Robert Mugabe, among the few black Zimbabwean rich farmers murdered my late Father, in cold blood. For his alleged support and sympathy for the Zimbabwean Opposition party controlled by the whites.Before his death, he had taken me to Johannesburg to deposit the sum of US$10.5. Million (TEN Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with a security and finance company as if he foresaw the looming danger in Zimbabwe. The money was deposited in a box as a consignment, (Family Valve) to the security company to avoid seizure, and also to avoid much demurrage from the security company.President Mugabe gave this money to my Father for investment purpose while they were still in good terms. This land problem arose when President Robert Mugabe introduced a new land act, which wholly affected the rich farmers, and some few blacks eventually vehemently condemned the modus operandi adopted by the government. And that resulted to rampant killing and mob actions by the veterans and some political thugs, precisely, many people have been killed. Heads of government from Western World, especially Britain and United States of America have voiced their condemnation of Mugabe 's plan subsequently, the South African Development Community (S.A.D.C) has continuously supported Mugabe's new land reform act. It is against this background that I and my family who are currently staying in South Africa have decided to transfer my Fathers money into a foreign account.As the first son of my late Father, I am saddled with the responsibility of seeking a responsible person who will help us to transfer this money without the knowledge of my government and who had tactically freezing our family wealth and South African Government seems to be playing alongside with them. We have decided not to invest this money in South Africa for the fear of seizure and encountering the same experience in future, since both countries have almost the same political history. More so, the South African Foreign Exchange Policy does not allow such investment hence I am an asylum seeker. I should let you know that this transaction is 100% risk free.I humbly request that you stand by me throughout this process, we are offering you 30% of the total sum,60% for me and my family while 10% will be mapped out for any expenses, we may incur during the course of this transaction, and we are willing to accept any reasonable condition you may deem necessary, also we can as well go into partnership business with you. Please reply immediately to facilitate immediate action toward the transaction, Please contact me on this numbers + 27-73-403-5233.I therefore look forward to a mutual business relationship with you and thank you for your kind understanding and co-operation, while I wait for your swift response. Remember this business is highly confidential and shall be kept within you. Looking forward to a mutual business relationship with you.With regards,MR.JOSEPH SITHOLE.N:B PLEASE CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS MAIL AND ALSO SEND ME YOUR MOBILE PHONE AND FAX NUMBER FOR EASY COMMUNICATION.


Blogger Mary Rachel said...

don't tell his government!....its "within you."

how are you?

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