Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Days Gone By . . .

I'm crashing on my ex's couch tonight because I've been evicted. She's got cable and a friendly little dog which will probably wake me up earlier than I would like to. I've got a diet pepsi in one hand and the other down my pants while I watch the teeeveee. I'm watching Viva La Bam on MTV. Billy Idol makes an appearance and they show his performance in AC. As he's moving aound stage something about his mannerisms bothered me. I couldn't put my finger on what bothered me exactly. I just left my seat in front of the computer here to change channels and I happen to catch some Night Court action on TV Land. I'm psyched because its the Christine and Roz years. Anyway, Billy Idol's mannerisms were those of the rock elder. That individual who continues to perform into his later years all the while losing the young and energetic gestures that gave his performances power. It was awkward watching Billy walk back and forth on stage poiting his one finger, pulling back his hand into a fist and then opening his hand as if he was a hotel manager handing you a little bar of chocolate with a "Ta-Da!" look in his eyes. His gestures remind me of an inspirational speaker selling their "Success in Business Now!"or "God's Love Found" cassettes and vhs tapes. I'm sick of this fuckn' post. Later.


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