Saturday, November 19, 2005

Apartment 102

A day in the life:

Typically I'll wake up around noon and make a list of things to do that day that I will not accomplish. These things include the new workout regiment I'm going to try and fail at continuing or learning a new language like Japanese. After making this list I will always place "look for job" at the end and go through the classifieds after I steal my neighbor's newspaper. She heads to work before it arrives so I've had the privledge of permanently borrowing it until the next one arrives. After looking through all the CDL and delivery driver jobs I can't work because of my four DUI's I proceed to look at waitstaff positions that I have no experience for. (Dangling Participle? Maybe not dangling.) Somedays when I'm really motivated I look on-line if my roomate leaves his wireless computer home. I'll search the classifieds from the local paper on the net and feel like I'm really doing something. Around 1:30 I'll call my roomate at his work, he is a social worker in a nursing home and he knows a lot of ailments and remedies. I'm usually freaking out or paranoid that I have some terminal disease or ailment that I heard about on tv or read about on the net. In the recent past these have included: diabetes type one and two, Shingles, Hep A, B, and C, tapeworm, Cystic Fibrosis, Mad Cow Disease, Huntington's . . . oh and this doesn't include the mental disorders I've thought I had like: mental retardation, bi-polar and bi-polar effective disorder, multiple personality disorder, schizoprhenia with paranoid delusions . . . and the list goes on. Now it is two pm and I can hear the mail man scurrying around outside of my door. Actually, he is directly in front of my door roughly eight feet away placing mail in all the apartment mail boxes. I'm sure you've seen this before, little rusty metal slots all lined up sometimes in rows of twenty but ours are rows of six and shaped like rectangles. There are only two rows one on top of the other. I will watch the mail man through our door's looksee hole and watch his back as he distributes the mail. He can be out of there very quickly so I run to the door when I hear him. I watch him alomost everyday and lately I have been knocking on my door and observing his reactions. Sometimes I think he can hear the light knocks and he chooses to ignore me but I know he knows I know that he knows I'm watching him. I don't know if we'll ever meet. When I run out to the mail box after he leaves I check my mail so fast that he doesn't have time to turn around and see me or he doesn't care and all this is in my head but I believe differently, I know this game we have started and it won't end un . . . fuck it. Anyway, I'll go to the mailbox, its about half past ten and I'll check if there are any netflix discs which my roomate has paid for, of course. Yesterday it was Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Great flick and if you're unemployed like me take a couple hours out of your day to check it out. Now its about four in the afternoon and I just finished my movie and whatever snacks my roomate has in the kitchen. I sit around for an hour thinking of the list of things I didn't do today and that I'll end up not doing tomorrow. When five hits my roomate comes home and I'll goad him into ordering a pizza that I'll pay him back for when I get a job. I'll usually get him to order a two liter with it too. I like coke or pepsi.

And that's my day . . . the night is a different story.

P.S. I Love You

P.S.S. I'm not at the mall anymore.



this is awesome. it needs to be a book. little stories like this. awesome.

10:26 AM  

ps. i will call you when i get to the mall, after my mom drops me off.

10:28 AM  

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